Őszi kirándulás a levelek között

The best  idea  to live  a  life   rich  in exercise,  to  make  excurtions.

Steps of kilometers can be collected together  with family, with friends, alone, with your partner,in the sport circles or choirs.The tour can be a  full  weekend program, or even a half day trip. A longer trip should be  planed  on time but shorter trips can be improvised, depending to the weather forecast.

We can choose from the healthy movements: hiking, biking,  or tourism.

Each of the movements of the exercise is in open air,  refreshes the body and beneficial for the heart.

The lasting at least half  an hour  walking is a good  stimulus for the  body intends to work intensively the heart and the circulatory system.

Why these moving : on two feet, or bycicle  are recommended ?

All of them   are cyclical movements., any excersise develops the personality, shaped by lifestile, the ability to enhance individual performance, moving in the nature teaches love and reasonable use of nature. Excurtions reinforce the social relationships and formation of new connections.

The sport ground of the nature is the  most magnificent stadium.

The excurtions are therefore an important way for protection of health.

Consciously prepaired it is an opportunity for the whole family   for healthy relaxation.

But what do you take with in a cold and windy weather?

Prepair sandwiches instead of greasy sausage with ham and salad, and vegetables, and drink a warm cup of tea prepaired from fruit tea, or rooibos tea.