The nettle

There  is a treasure  in our  garden  :  Nettle

There are different  names in  the Hungarian  language  for the plant   Nettle leaves, in Latin: Urtica dioica L.. which  not  bites  only   by reading  about  it.

The nettle is  a bright green herb, it  is not known of its  colour recognizing  them by walking in the forests. Once  in a life  you  surely  meet  with the unpleasant   bite   of it.  Not the  only  feature  but  most characteristic one is  stinging effect. The nettle was  already  used before  it was known  it is a medicinal plant. A surprising fact, in the Bronze  Age   it was used as a woven shroud found in  graves. It can be strong  as  linen, during the World War I   in lack  of wool  was applied too. The Roman soldiers whipped  their bodies in order to warm them up.

The Eastern cultures  often  applied nettle according to  the herbalists  knowledge  against  asthma.

The so  called  Csólyány is effective against gout, high blood pressure but  take into consideration  it  plays important role  of fluid  volume  reduction  of  body, the weight loss should be  attained with  not only by  using  the effects of nettle,  but  regular exercise, nourishment rich in fiber and   free from  fat  food.

The  collection  of the plant  needs also  caution  not only  the consumption of  it

The hairs  on  the leaves contain  toxic irritating  liquid  which bending the plant should be sweezed under the  skin, therefore  protectiv closing is needed,