Herbária Lactoherb blended 20x 1,5g

Baby’s most important meal is mother’s milk. That’s why it’s so significant for every new-born baby – especially in the first months – to receive exclusively mother’s milk. It’s the most convenient way of feeding as mother’s milk is always available, always at the perfect temperature and totally hygienic.It consists of many ingredients, which protect baby from the infections and allergy.

The breast-feeding forms a tight contact between mother and baby, so it’s very important to nurse your baby at least till half a year age.

The lactation can be stimulated by the herbs in the form of blended tea. Herbária Lactoherb tea is a huge assistance for it. This preparation is offered exclusively for the breast-feeding mothers for lactation stimulation. The tea is suitable for the reduction of digestive disorders of the nursing mother and breast-fed baby (e.g. expansion, wind-colic, fullness feeling etc.). Tea blend possesses relaxant, digestive effect, and when consuming the tea, it brings relief for these complains. The tea can be consumed untill the lactation stimulation is necessary. When breast-feeding, it’s very important to consume the appropriate liquid quantity and Herbária Laktoherb tea is absolutely suitable for it.

Use recommendation: steep 1-1 tea bag in 2,5 dl boiled water for about 10 minutes, 4-6 times a day. Tea can be consumed hot or cold, with or without sweetening.

 Medicinal preparation is not considered as a medication (OGYI-571/1995)

 Ingredients: rose hip berry, bitter fennel seed, anise seed, melissa leaf-stalk, fennel seed

(10%) Read the information or consult your doctor or pharmacist about risks and undesired side-effects!