Interesting facts about rosehip

The Hungarian language  has several names for the  plant: dog rose, it is also mentioned as wild rose. .  Often comes into our mind  thinking of  rosehips the Grimm brothers tale of Sleeping Beauty

The most  characteristic  marks are the red berries only appear  when the petals fall. The crop is not only  known as rosehip, Hungarian names are: Bicske,  csitvenye etc. The rose  has long been the quenn of  flowers such as 1 to 3 meter tall shrub, is flowering forest edges,  among bushes.

The berries begin to ripen  by the  fall  of petals , the  crops can be recognised by the oval form and typical  red colour. In the old days they made rose water from  the petals which  was primarily used for perfuming the body, times has changed people cooked tea also from it for curing headache, nausea, dizziness,or even against menstrual spasm.

Rosehips became more and more popular at  the beginning of XX century, when the Vitamin C  was  discovered by Szent-Györgyi Albert, and it  was  proved that  the fruit contains  high rate of  the  valuable vitamin  C. The  fresh rosehip berries are  full  of Vitamin C  , which   is believed  according to  scientific  studies to get  rid of  symptoms  of  cold   in  a  shorter  time.

The consumption   of   rosehip  either   as tea or jam  has  advantagous  physiological  effects

The jam  for the kids is a „secret  source” of vitamin  filled  into pancake,    children  do  not  recognize   the nibble  of   Vitamin  C, also people suffering from diabetes  can   have the  type with fructose  or  sweeteners to prepair  their  sweet cake  and biscuits  in accordance  with diabetes needs.