Natural Triumvirate guardians of the vascular system

The  three main risks for cardiovascular system and the 3 natural  herbs  for prevention.

Almost every  day   we can read statistics about  the health  condition  of people in Hungary, compairing  to the world statistics and  comparative rankings with other countries. The mortality and morbidity statistics are    headed by  cancer  and cardiovascular diseases. The statistics you  read absolutely one of the first things the idea of prevention that comes into our mind.

The development of heart and cardiovascular  deseases are mostly attributed  to 3 main factors:  long term stress, smoking, and  inproper  alimentation. In our  life these factors are present  all  together, which causes vascular condition  deterioration and in the worst  case life threatening  deterioration  can occur. Regardless  of age and gender  for those reasons and factors  both   women and men are threatened . Luckily inspite of both gender are threatened, the possibility  is  given for  both of them to prevent  the illness.

Today the prevention is of more importance ,  when the prices  of medicines  because of composition  and legislation  are  more expensive.

The three best known herbal  medicine for prevention  for the prevention of cardiovascular disease are garlic hawthorn and mistletoe.

Garlic  is a  herbal  wonder drug which is due  to allicin  and other compounds effective  in order to guard  the  vascular  system.

Hawthorn called Mayflower is also used  both  leaves and fruit as  protecting the  vascular system, Christians believe  Christ crown  was also made from hawthorn.

The  third plant is  mistletoe:  which also has a mytholigical  role in North German legends.

Garlic-Hawthorn-Mistletoe capsules   are recommended for  prevention  of  arteriosclerosis, high  blood  pressure, heart problems  and completion  of medicinal  therapy of vascular deseases.

The application stimulates the heart function  and circulation reduce blood cholesterol levels and  slows down  the arteriosclerotic processes and favourably influences  hypertension.

Garlic-hawthorn-coenzym  Q10 plays an important role in cellular  energy production.

The adequate supply of Coenzym Q10 may contribute to maintaining the healthy functioning of the heart.