Franchise system

The past decade has caused a significant change of economic-social life of our society. In Hungary Herbaria has also faced the challenge to keep and strengthen its position on the native and foreign markets.

Herbaria has introduced a new activity of herbal shops, which is called the franchise system. The main task of the program is to achieve a high standard of commerce in the shops Selling not only the products manufactured by the company but other healthcare goods of Hungarian producers and import wares.

The unified method and profile of Herbária shops: shop window, furniture, counter, Sign-board intend to harmonize the spirit and aim of the company.

In the past 7 years more than 90 shops has been founded, and several more units will be opened taking into consideration the individual interest of the already existing franchise system.

Most of the shops: 56 of them are situated in the bigger towns in the country, and 11 exist in the capital of the country: Budapest In the TESCO hypermarkets Herbaria has established more than 50 shops, there is an intention to increase the activity and number of them also.

There franchise shops in SPAR, AUCHAN hypermarket networks and in the shopping mall established by a group of investors: ÁRKÁD.

The franchise partners are equally furnished by the same rights and obligations, have the same advantages to use Herbaria’s advertising and marketing properties.

The most important aim of HERBÁRIA LTD, also the Franchise network system is to test thoroughly and fulfill the demand of customers, improving the development program with the experience received from shops and regular buyers.