Herbária was established in 1949 to collect, produce, process and trade medicinal plants and to manufacture herbal teas. Before 1993 the company belonged to Hungarian co-operatives then it was changed to Public Limited Company owned by Hungarian private investors.

As a result of the continuous product range widening from the 70’s now several types of teas and tea mixtures both in bags and in filter bags, essential oils, cosmetic products for hair, body, face and mouth care and also natural food are offered.

Today Herbária Co. is one of the leading companies in the herbal product sector in Hungary.

The factory located in Székkutas, South Hungary, process approx. 100 tons of raw material a year and producing 150-180 kind of teas. The factory located in Balmazújváros, East Hungary, process approx. 260-280 tons of raw material a year and producing the cosmetics and food.

Our head office in Budapest controls the production in the factories, coordinates the sales in Hungary and export- import activity.

Most of the products sold to the 80-100 Herbária franchise-shops covering the whole territory of Hungary. Pharmacies, drugstores and supermarkets have also become important sales channels in the recent years.
Our raw materials are exported to the Pharma, Food, Tee, Cosmetic industry all over the world.


The experience of more than five decades, gathered in the field of herb collection and processing makes the name Herbária strongly connected to the idea of excellent quality medicinal plants in Hungary.

Our researchers and product-developers use and update the Hungarian traditional knowledge with the latest scientific results.

Quality, certificates

We are buying wild growing and cultivated medicinal plants mainly from herb collectors, domestic farmers growing in GMP quality assurance systems. Raw materials are analysed and certified by the Research Institute for Medicinal Plants.

The raw material of the products meet the standards specified in the corresponding paragraphs of the Ph.Hg. VIII or Ph.Eur. IV and V.

Focusing on the man and earth health we have started to produce organic products for 4 years. Our modern, herbal-based organic products help to preserve the balance between nature and human beings. The Biokontroll Hungária Kht. (IFOAM Member) issues the certificate.

Since 1997 the factory in Balmazújváros has been qualified according to ISO 9001 system.
Monoteas are certified by Laboratory of Corvinus University, the mixtures by National Institute of Pharmacy (OGYI) and the cosmetics and food by the National Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition (OÉTI).